Perth Backpackers Part 2: Living on a Shoestring in Perth


With Perth being the most expensive city in Australia, I thought I would share a few backpacker tips of how I survived on a shoestring last winter when my travel funds ran disastrously low.

Although it's an easy city to find work in, in the winter the hours are often cut in hospitality and construction jobs, which can mean a weeks’ worth of bad weather can leave you skint and with just enough cash for your rent.

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Handy Tips for Perth Backpackers


I backpacked around Perth for ten months last year; it quickly became one of my favourite cities in the world.

If you're going out on a working holiday VISA, it's a place that's friendly and easy to find work, with a wide range of backpackers accommodation, great night life, beautiful surroundings and plenty to do.

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Working Holiday in Perth - The Essentials



Working Holidays are a great way to extend your travels beyond the limitations of your pre-trip savings by allowing you to legally work in Australia. Many travellers find it easier in terms of finding jobs and exploring the country to have one full-time employment for up to six months.

Some prefer to do this at the beginning of their trip so they can stock up on funds and budget accordingly the rest of their time, while other would rather use it to replenish their depleted funds in the middle or end of their trip. No matter when you choose to work during your trip, you will need to take care of a few technical details in order to work.

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Do you Wwoof? - Wwoofing in Australia


When I told my friend I was taking a gap year in Australia, her first question was, “Are you going to be WWOOFing?” To most people that question would make no sense, but I had been doing research on possible gap year experiences for almost a year and I knew exactly what she was talking about. I told her I didn’t plan to, but it looked like a cool concept. I ended up inadvertently doing a similar program while living in Perth and it was a wonderful experience. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Many people have never heard of WWOOF or have but don’t quite know what it is all about.

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Working Holiday In Perth - The West is the Best


If you’re planning a working holiday, Perth is an excellent place to choose. When I told people on the East Coast that I was going to head to Perth for work, most folks told me that finding work would be near impossible and living costs were much more expensive, so I’d be much better off staying on the East Coast. But my mind was made up and I headed out to Perth anyway. I’m sure glad I did. It turned out to be the easiest of all the places I went to find work and living costs were proportional to my wages.

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