3 Great Reasons to Study in Perth


In this article, I would like to share my time spent studying in Australia from the perspective of an international student.

By sharing my experience, I hope this encourages students who have been contemplating studying in Australia to give it a go.

My time there still stands out as one of the best times in my life.

Here are three great reasons why studying in Perth will leave you with such a memorable experience.

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Work and Travel in Australia - Office Culture, Beer O'Clock and More


If you’re planning to work in Australia either temporarily or permanently, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with the Australian work culture. Some people will find it similar to previous work environments they’ve experienced, while others will find things very foreign. The type of work you do will influence the type of atmosphere you experience to a degree, but the general basics of the work culture will be the same.

My partner and I worked several different jobs while travelling around Australia with the majority of our work being in Perth. We both experienced a bit of harvesting work. I am a terrible sweet potato harvester, but not half bad with zucchinis.

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Perth Newspapers

The main hardprint newspapers in Perth are:

The West Australian

The West Australian ("The West") dominates as the only major hardprint newspaper in Perth. The West covers local news, entertainment, sports, business, and classifieds including real estate and employment. The Saturday edition of The West is usually heftier than weekday editions with special liftout sections including Weekend Extra, Travel Extra and The West Magazine.

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Real Estate in Perth, WA

The property market in Perth has been buoyant in recent times with a booming economy due to the mining industry and a growing population. New migrants and workers from overstate and interstate are arriving in record numbers to Perth each year.

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Basket of Goods

So what is the cost of living like in Perth, Western Australia? With the economy booming in Perth, the cost of living has certainly also gone up. How does it affect your average local resident in Perth? Businesses and income earners who have been able to attract higher salaries due to demand for their services in sectors related to the mining industry have been able to keep pace with the higher cost of living.

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