Perth Local Directory Information

Across Australia, the standard directory for finding businesses and residences are the Yellow and White Pages produced by Telstra. Both are available in hard print or as on online directory.

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Fair Dinkum Mate, Aussie Slang’s the Ant’s Pants


Australia prides itself on doing things a little bit differently from the rest of the world, and that extends to the use of the English language.

Even if English is your native tongue, Australian slang can often be challenging or a tad confusing if you are a tourist and newcomer to the country.

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The Lowdown on Schooling in Perth


The Western Australian education system can be a complex beast to understand, particularly if you have just arrived in Perth from overseas or interstate.

The main reason is that the name given to the age-specific year levels is different to what you will find in other countries and even differs from other states within Australia.

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Learn An Australian Phrase - Go On, Give It a Go Yer Mug!


Australian phrases can be unique and colourful but also quite confusing for visitors or newcomers to understand.

Even though English is the main language used in Australia, slang, Strine or lingo is found throughout the country and so tourists would do well to arm themselves with a few key phrases.

In this article I am going to stick to the more common general Aussie slang phrases that you may encounter in your travels.

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