Claisebrook Cove East Perth

Claisebrook Cove, East Perth

The Claisebrook Cove in the East Perth precinct is a vibrant inner city area about a 15 minute walk from the Perth CBD, and is a very popular place for recreational activities and dining out.

In the early 1990's, a successful inner city urban renewal project was undertaken to transform this former industrial site to a city village. Claisebrook had its beginnings as a former industrial site, including the contaminated East Perth Gasworks site, old scrapyards and warehouses, and railway yards.

Claisebrook Cove, East Perth

Today, it is a vibrant area with multi use residential and commercial developments, set amidst a social hub of trendy cafes and restaurants. Nonetheless, critics of this renewal project have dubbed Claisebrook as a "toy town", an exclusive residential area that only the elite wealthy can be a part of.

The Claisebrook Cove and East Perth foreshore areas are excellent recreational playgrounds. Popular activities include walking, picnicking, rollerblading, cycling, fishing, kayaking and canoeing.

An easy starting point for exploring the Claisebrook Cove is to walk "The Greenway". The Greenway is a pedestrian path that runs through the Claisebrook Cove area from west to east. The Greenway with its gentle curves following the water is an easy walk which will give you a good feel for the area.

Walking along The Greenway provides an excellent opportunity to check out the public artwork. Some of the public art works are made from recycled materials from old buildings. They serve as a reminder of its former industrial site existence and also provide an interesting insight into the history of the area.

Claisebrook Inlet, East Perth

The East Perth foreshore area was previously inhabited by the Aboriginal Noongars. Some of the public arts works and heritage trail paths tell the story of the history of the Noongars living in the East Perth area.

Claisebrook has seen quite a transformation with many new restaurants and cafes opening up, and makes a nice alternative to the usual Northbridge, Leederville, Subiaco and Mount Lawley café strips. As more residents and companies have moved into the area, new cafes and restaurants have opened up to cate for demand.

Favourites at Claisebrook

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Claisebrook Restaurant and Cafe Strip

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How to get there

From the city, catch the train to the Claisebrook Station along the Armadale line. When you disembark the train, walk up to the pedestrian bridge and when you get to the top of the bridge, turn left to head towards East Perth. You should be able to spot the silver TAFE building and surrounding grassy areas. Walk towards the TAFE building and head along the Royal Street towards the corner of Royal Street and Fielder Street. (Landmark: Look out for the Australian Broadcasting Commission "ABC" Building with a Caffissimo cafe at ground level on the corner of Royal Street and Fielder Street). From the ABC Building, walk east for a short distance and you should see a tunnel which is the starting point of The Greenway pedestrian walk.

From the city, catch the Yellow CAT bus and get off at the Health Department stop. If you are catching the Yellow CAT bus back to the city, hop on at the Claisebrook Train Station CAT stop just outside City Farm. Or if you are returning to the city by train, catch the train from the Claisebrook Train Station.

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