STUZZICO - Pizza by the Slice

Various locations

Perth CBD:
556 Hay Street, Perth (east end, closest corner is Pier Street)
26a Milligan Street, Perth (west end)

Other Suburbs:
8/232 Hay Street, East Perth (closest corner Bennett Street)
320 Barker Road, Subiaco
5a/60 Russell Street, Morley (located near the Morley Markets)
Shop 23, Centro, Yokine (corner Wanneroo Road and Flinders Street)
Factory, 30/86 Beechboro Road South, Bayswater

Anyone for gourmet pizza by the slice?

Since 2005 when Stuzzico made its entrance to the Perth market, i have noticed the growing popularity of Stuzzico's gourmet pizza by the slice.

The queues at lunchtime in the Perth CBD are not uncommon as Stuzzico makes a quick and easy lunchtime alternative for those on the go and who want to grab something quick for lunch. Some of the branches also have a small area for alfresco dining which makes a good spot for some quick and tasty pizza with friends alfresco on the sidewalk in the city. Note: some of the city branches are open only during weekdays and not on weekends.

Stuzzico has several branches in the city, conveniently located, one at the east end of the city and the other at the west end of the city, depending on which end of the city you work at. It also has shops in East Perth, Subiaco, and Morley. Sorry, there are no Stuzzico shops south of the river as yet.

The takeaway pizza that Stuzzico sells is known as Rome style pizza and is cooked in long rectangular baking pans. Rome style pizza originated when bakers with only normal bread ovens had to improvise by cooking their pizzas in normal bread ovens using long rectangular baking pans rather than specialised pizza ovens. Hence, Rome pizza was sold by the rectangular slice.

Pizza by the slice can be bought by the slice and also by quarters, halves, or whole. A slice of pizza starts from $3.50. The quarters cost around $10 to $11 for 3 slices, halves for around $18 to $22, and a whole pizza for around $32 to $44. The halves are approximately 75cms in length and the whole pizza 1.5m in length.

Warning: If you order the halves or whole, expect to look very greedy, as the pizza boxes are huge, and are more than an arm's width or two. But off course, the box is light, and really, the pizza is not that filling! And one could always save a couple of pieces of pizza for later so as to not appear too greedy.

The pizza is fresh and tasty with fairly simple ingredients, usually 1 to 3 ingredients per pizza with a light sprinkle of fresh mozzarella. It's not your heavy sort of pizza that is greasy or laden down with too much cheese. The salad ingredients such as the cherry tomatoes and rocket used in the pizzas always look fresh. As the pizza is purchased by the slice, depending on the magnitude of your greed, you can have one slice of pizza, or more!

One of my favourites is the rocket, feta and olive pizza. It comes with mountains of rocket salad complemented by the nice sharpness of the feta cheese and flavoursome olives. Along with the fresh pizza toppings, the pizza base is also very light. For vegetarians, there is a plentiful selection of toppings.

Stuzzico offers a great selection of paninis such as tuna, peperonata, speck, emmenthal, feta, salsiccia, brie, cotto, bosco, and pollo at $6. The bosco which is a combination of mixed mushroom, salami and firodillate and roasted eggplant sounds rather delectable. The paninis use the nice airy ciabatta bread.

Stuzzico also offers fresh coffee and bread.

Stuzzico is always very consistent in its product offerings. It never disappoints, and is always fresh and tasty.

Rating: 8 out of 10


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