Six Unique Perth Attractions for your Bucket List


Perth is so much more than just a stopover city and offers some of the very best attractions Australia has to offer, without the crowds of Sydney and Melbourne. Sure, you can still explore the usual restaurants, tours and attractions but why not make your trip so much more fulfilling by adding a few unusual activities to your schedule;

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A Day with Kids in Perth


Four kids in Perth for a day?  What should we see?  I wasn't quite sure. Since 2009, we've been travelling around Australia in a caravan with our four kids, ten-year old Peter, nine-year old Susan, six-year old Lucy and three-year-old Edmund.  Having only recently made it to Western Australia, this was to be our first time in the state's capital, and we weren't entirely sure what to see first.

We put it to our blog readers about what we should see, considering that we'll probably go back to Perth, but this time we only have a day.  The answers came in thick and fast.  Kings Park, Cottesloe Beach, Maritime Museum, Fremantle gaol, round prison, Fremantle markets, science museum, mint, zoo, ferry from Fremantle to the city, bell tower in the city, London arcade, fish and chips at Fremantle and the CAT busses were all nominated.

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Twelve Top Ideas for Free Things to Do in Perth


We all have those times when our budget is just a little tighter than normal. Often the area of the budget that gets cut is the “going out fun money,” but this doesn’t mean that you have to become a homebody. Perth is full of fun, informative and, best of all, free things to do. Here are twelve top ideas for free things to do in Perth:

Catch Some Rays on the Beach

Perth is blessed with great weather year round. Celebrate this by hitting the beach. Cottesloe, Scarborough and Trigg beach are all popular options. Bring some friends and snacks to make a day of it. Don’t forget the sun protection!

Wander along the Banks of the Swan River

Meandering through the city, the Swan River is synonymous with Perth. A walk along either side of the river will provide you with great views of the city, neighbourhoods and water.  Along the way you’ll pass many parks that make a great place for a picnic. The walk is mostly flat making it an easy bicycle ride for the whole family. Keep your eyes peeled for the iconic black swans along the river.

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A Dented Door and the Black Rod - Interesting Encounters on a Tour of the WA Parliament


Two of the best ways to learn about the culture of a place are to visit a supermarket and to learn about their government. While wandering up and down the aisle of the local market asking questions about the various products for sale might get you dirty looks from those shoppers who just want to get in and get out, visiting Parliament and asking questions about different processes is highly encouraged.

Tours of WA Parliament, located in West Perth near King’s Park, are led by members of the Western Australian Parliamentary Education Office twice a week.
They are free and very informative, plus you’ll enjoy some sweeping views of the city before you head inside for your tour.

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Places of Interest

This section of Perth Walkabout is dedicated to providing you with some suggestions on places of interest to visit around Perth depending on your interests.

The Places of Interest section covers all the other great places to visit in Perth that don't necessarily fall into any of Perth Walkabout's theme categories.

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