Indian Pacific - The Great Australian Train Journey


There is something romantic about a long distance train journey. The intricate history of luxury, necessity and adventure creates an experience that feeds the imagination as much as the senses. 

Sadly, many visitors miss the beauty of train travel, opting to fly long distances instead. If you are looking for a different way to explore this beautiful country, or are just tired of long security lines at the airport, then consider a trip on the Indian Pacific.

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Perth Airport

The Perth Airport operates all domestic and international flights arriving and departing from Perth, Western Australia. The Perth Airport consists of the Perth Domestic Airport and the Perth International Airport, both located in the same area.

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Car Hire

So you have just arrived in Perth and need to hire a car to get around. Car hire can be organised for pick up at the airport or there are also various car hire companies located in the Perth CBD, near the airport along Great Eastern Highway and in various other locations in the metropolitan area.

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The two main taxi companies in Perth are Black & White Multi Purpose Taxis and Swan Taxis.

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So you have enjoyed your time in the West and would like to head across to the Eastern States (maybe Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane) to do some more travelling within Australia. Or maybe you are heading across from the Eastern States to the sunny West of Australia. Need to find out whether you can get any cheap airfares to/from Perth?

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