The '30 Somethings' Guide to Perth Nightlife - Bars and Cocktail Lounges


Perth is great. We both know that, and that is why you are here right now reading about all of the fantastic things that it has to offer.

So of course, I am always happy to pass on my knowledge of this wonderful City. Such as the best places to go to of an evening if you are a little like me: A ‘Nearing 30 Something’.

As I near the big ‘three-oh’, I am finding that I am not so keen on the club scene anymore. Frankly, I’d rather be in bed, or having a nice glass of red on the couch watching ‘Full House’ re-runs.

That being said, I do enjoy the odd night out. Getting out of my daggy’s for the evening, dressing up a little and socializing over a few drinks. However the tricky part now is finding a place that doesn’t make me feel like I’m too old to be there, or like a teenager at a 50th.

So, here I will guide those who feel the same to some of my favourite bars and cocktail lounges in Perth that will make you feel just right.

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A Girl's Guide to Perth Nightlife and More


Whether you’re a female traveller or a woman relocating to the west, Perth is a friendly, exciting and relatively safe city, with an abundance of activities and attractions.

Kick up your heels with the Perth Nightlife

While Perth has a relaxed beach vibe by day, by night it heats up with a thriving nightlife. Northbridge is the city’s central after-hours hub, where the streets hum with clubs, pubs, live music venues and oodles of eateries.

Subiaco, in the city’s west, attracts a stylish crowd and boasts an array of cruisy lounge bars and pulsating clubs. A trip to Leederville will serve up a range of intimate and eclectic venues for you to explore.

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Tiki Your Fancy at the Hula Bula Bar


Suffering from the no holiday blues? Forget spending a few thousand dollars and ten hours on a plane, head to the Hula Bula Bar to soak up the tropical island atmosphere and the ridiculously potent rum cocktails.

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Marry the Night in Fremantle


When the cafés close and the sun sets, the harbour hub of Fremantle comes alive with a smorgasbord of restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs serving up a feast of fun. Whether you’re seeking a subdued evening or are planning to party, you’ll find it in ‘Freo’.

Enjoy an afternoon brew

Hugging the harbour, microbrewery Little Creatures is the prime spot for a late-afternoon ale. The eatery is set in an industrial tin shed, with great glass panels overlooking the working brewery. This raucous place gets busy, so arrive early to bag a spot at a communal table and settle in to sample the scrumptious pub fare.

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Galaxy Drive-In: Perth's Only Drive-In Theatre


In a world where the iPhone has taken up residency in the hands of many, sometimes it's nice to just do things 'old school'.

Things in my world have really changed and progressed in the last ten to fifteen years. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was riding my bike around after school, and getting my fingers caught in the VCR. It also wasn't too long ago that I was bursting with excitement after purchasing three cassette tapes for ten dollars from the King Kong Clearance store. Out of interest, those tapes were 'Vengaboys', 'Craig David' and 'Robbie Williams Goes Swing'.

Things really can change dramatically in the time it takes to cook a pop tart, which is why it is nice to experience life like we used to.

Like for instance, the Drive-In Theatre. They used to be all the rage. You know, like the one Sandy and Danny went to in 'Grease'.

So it makes me happy to tell you that there is still one of these in existence in Perth. In fact, the only one.

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