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Water by Black Swan State Theatre Company


Picture a family re-union at an idyllic holiday location in Perth.

What could go wrong? And what does the future hold for all of us?

What starts out as a convivial get-together gradually unravels into a sequence of events that unearth what has really been going on in each of the characters’ lives.
Ex politician Peter, a once powerful man, is celebrating his birthday with his family and the water on his island holiday home is running out.

He has had to step down because of party pressure and is in self-imposed exile at his island holiday home with his loving and supporting wife, who is awaiting the arrival of their two daughters – one having a gap year and who turns up with an uninvited stranger (Yize), and the other a successful lawyer on her way up.

It’s a cracker of a play and a timely one in light of our Federal election coming up next week and important issues to decide upon.

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Spanish Film Festival jump starts with Champions


The 2019 Moro Spanish Film Festival in Perth has officially kicked off. Opening night featured cups of sangria on arrival and pre-show entertainment from The Flamenco Collective.

Launching the festival was comedy-drama Champions, which won three Goya Awards and was Spain’s highest-grossing Spanish language film of 2018.

In Champions, Marco (played by Javier Gutiérrez) is the assistant coach of a professional basketball team. He is also rude, arrogant, politically incorrect, and living with his mother after becoming estranged from his wife.

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The Chaperone at Luna


After a bracing walk through the suburb of Nedlands, my partner and I finished up at the Windsor Theatre, which was hosting a preview of Downton Abbey screenwriter Julian Fellowes' latest work – The Chaperone.

As Downton Abbey fans, we were looking forward to something a little different but just as enjoyable, and The Chaperone lives up to that promise.

The story is set in prohibition era America, circa 1922, and the action begins in the backwater of Wichita, Kansas, in Midwestern USA. The main opening scene sets the tone for the rest of the film, introducing us to most of the main characters, and hinting at some of the tensions and secrets buried beneath the facade of genteel society.

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Celeste at Luna Leederville


What happens when the past catches up with you?

The movie Celeste is a hauntingly beautiful story involving love and loss. It is about a once famous opera singer Celeste (Radha Mitchell) who at the peak of her international career gave up everything to be with her one true love, who then died in a tragic accident.

Reconciling the past is not an easy thing when heart break and anguish are lurking just below the surface.

Fast forward 10 years to the present, and Celeste is still struggling with the aftermath of her lover's death - battling to live day to day, yearning for the past, with things never ever to be the same again. She has by her side her loyal friend Grace who helps her to pick up the pieces of her shattered life.

The movie is set in tropical Far North Queensland – a lush paradisiacal rain forest with beautiful waterfalls. Filmed on location at Paronella Park, near Innisfail, it's a spectacular location.

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You Know We Belong Together by Black Swan State Theatre Co


You Know We Belong Together is a live documentary about people looking to find love, fulfil their dreams and find acceptance in today's society – a fairly typical theme.

What is not so routine is that lead artist and co-creator Julia Hales and her cast all bring a little something extra to the stage – a third copy of chromosome 21.

You Know We Belong Together is a live documentary about people with Down syndrome and their hopes, dreams, loves, families and friends – and a passion for Home and Away!

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Dogman at Perth Festival


What happens when a timid dog groomer faces off with a small time hood bully?

That is the theme of Dogman currently showing as part of the Perth Festival.

It was a hot autumn's night as we settled into our deck chairs at UWA Somerville to watch the film.

In a run-down Italian seaside town, we watched the story unfold as small time thug Simone (Edoardo Pesce) bullies timid dog groomer and petty criminal Marcello (Marcello Fonte).

The film producer Matteo Garrone does an excellent job at painting the unrelenting bleakness and challenges faced by the main characters.

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Non-Fiction at Perth Festival


After settling into our seats at the UWA Somerville theatre on a mellow Monday night, my partner and I were looking forward to checking out the French movie Non-Fiction, by director Olivier Assayas.

The advertising blurb for Non-Fiction stated “This droll, very contemporary drama probes literature, relationships, art and online culture... Over a series of meetings and sparkling, rapid-fire conversations Alain, Selena and Léonard reveal that their professional and personal affairs are connected in surprising ways.”

While not wishing to give away the plot, the film revolves largely around book publisher Alain and his TV actress wife Selena, who are friends with writer Léonard.


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