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Laughter on the 23rd Floor by Black Swan State Theatre Company


Black Swan State Theatre Company brings to Perth audiences Laughter on the 23rd Floor.

The play is set in the writers room for the Max Prince Show, located on the 23rd floor of New York's Rockefeller Plaza, way back in 1953.

The looming shadow of McCarthyism and the Hollywood blacklist bring an extra layer of dramatic tension to Max's struggles with his TV network bosses, who want to make cutbacks and dumb down the show for the masses.

They say that great tragedy makes for great comedy, and nothing is a better example of this than Laughter on the 23rd Floor.


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Review of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit by Perth Theatre Company


To describe White Rabbit, Red Rabbit as a unique experience would be an understatement. More than just a play; it is a theatrical experiment by Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour.

Soleimanpour was barred from leaving his country because he refused to take part in compulsory national service, and so his mysterious script travels the world in his place.

Every night, Soleimanpour’s play is performed by a different actor, who is not given the script until they step onto the stage.


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White Rabbit, Red Rabbit by Perth Theatre Company


Imagine being 29 and unable to leave your country.

An audacious theatrical experiment that will come as a shock – not least to the actor handed the script the moment they walk on stage.

Observe the improvisational skills of some of Perth's finest actors, and a powerful exploration of the positives of a globalised world. Actor and audience will journey into the unknown together, as they stumble upon the humorous, terrifying and utterly human towards a dissection of the limits of liberty and our own role in ensuring its sanctity.

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The Seagull by Black Swan State Theatre Company


This month, Black Swan State Theatre Company brings to theatre goers in Perth their production of The Seagull. The play by Anton Chekhov is a classic, with this season’s production using a new adaptation by Hilary Bell.

There is more than meets the eye in this play, and although the lake setting is beautifully tranquil, the action on stage is passionate and dramatic, as the audience is quickly swept into the turmoil of the characters upon the curtain's rising.

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Improv Club in Perth by Just Improvise


While my partner and I have seen our fair share of plays and performances in the last few years, there has been one area in which we haven't had much experience - that of improvisational theatre.  Our last contact with improv theatre was a couple of episodes of Theatresports on the ABC from way back in the late 80's or early 90's.

So we weren't exactly sure what to expect when arriving at the Bedford RSL Club to watch Improv Club conducted by Just Improvise. How entertaining are actors when they don't have a script to fall back on?

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Get into the Vibe at the Perth Caribbean Film Night - Marley


The Perth Caribbean Association will kick off its inaugural film night on the 2nd August and where better to host its first Caribbean film night than in Fremantle, the cultural heart of Perth.

Doors open at 6pm so arrive early to soak up the Caribbean vibes and relax into the evening.

The evening will start off with a short film at 6.20pm followed by the feature film Marley.

It promises to be a fantastic night of entertainment and the Perth Caribbean Association would like to extend a warm invite to anyone in Perth who is interested in coming along for the evening.


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At Last - The Etta James Story at Regal Theatre Subiaco


At Last - The  Etta James Story is now showing at the Regal Theatre in Subiaco.  As one of the most influential R&B soul singers of all time, the story of Etta James is a colourful one, her life fraught with challenges from the day she was born to her delinquent teenage mother.

Despite facing many adversities in life, she rose to stardom to do what she was most passionate about – singing - and sing she did – recording 28 studio albums over her career, with famous songs such as “I’d Rather Go Blind” and “At Last”. She is a living legend in the rock and roll hall of fame.

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